How we work to develop a small business website for you

Now days creating a website is more than just putting up something that looks good. It’s really more about your company, it’s marketing strategy and developing a solid brand. Most of the time companies waste their money, ruin their reputations with ineffective web strategies, poor promotion, ineffective copy and a failure to utilize technology in the proper way.

It doesn’t have to be this way…
With a properly designed small business website and web strategy you can:

  • Dramatically increase your sales with virtually no cost of acquisition.
  • Have the ability to continually add products and services seamlessly to increase repeat business in any economy.
  • Have a powerful combination of text, audio, and video that will establish you as a thought leader, market leader, and an expert source.

One client of ours came to us with these type of problems, they had few visitors and few sales. We worked with them to help them re-organize their site so it was easy to navigate and find information. It made all the difference, their sales went up by 37.7% over the prior year.

When we work with clients our first step is to set up a free internet strategy session for us to learn more about your business or organization. During this session which is typically 1 hour in length we will discuss your strategic objectives and how we can assist you. To schedule your free strategy session complete the contact us formĀ here.

Read about what many of our clients are saying about us:

Just a note of thanks for your help with our company web site – You helped make the site look more professional, and got us located on Google, Yahoo, Manta and Yelp. In addition, a major competitor which is no longer in business does not appear when doing a search for comic book stores in the Glendale Heights area.

We now get traffic resulting from web searches and that’s helping our business.

Thanks for everything.

John Passini, Got Comics, Inc.

Developwebsites did more that just design a great website for our company. They helped us take a close look at our market segment and helped us refine our marketing so that we could attract more clients and make the process easier. Our sales have increased by 26% over the last two years.

Jim Joyce, Radcomm Inc.

I can say that the website has more than paid for itself and is working well and well “in the black”. I am greatly pleased with the performance and opportunity that the website has offered and would like to say thank you for all your efforts.

Dr. Paul Brezinski, Palatine Podiatry Center, Palatine, IL

Our process:

There are some things we must discover about each other.

What are our objectives in working together?
We want to help you attract the right type of people to your site and to get them to respond.
You must provide the answers to the questions visitors have about you, your services and working with you. Unlike many design firms, we want your website to be about getting results and not totally about graphics and design, they both go hand in hand.

Our 7 step process:

1) We start out by having a conversation on the phone about your company, we want to learn about what you do, how you do it, hear your value proposition and your success stories.

2) We work together to determine the number of pages you need to adequately tell your story and to get visitors engaged with you. It’s usually more than you think. The biggest problem with most websites is they lack the total information and answers to visitors questions leaving them unable to move forward with any decision making process they want to make.

3) We help you develp the right copy that will get results for your business.

4) We want to learn about your personal design preferences. We ask you to pick several websites that you have seen that you like. This helps us understand your personal preferences and helps us determine what you like.

5) We prepare a mock up of a custom design specifically for you. We show it to you and discuss it.

6) We program your site and test it to make sure that it works perfectly before going live.

7) We go live. We start monitoring the results and adjust to make sure that you get the kind of results you want to achieve.